About Us

About Axio Accounting in Surrey, B.C

Axio Accounting’s core mantra is adding value. Whether that value is in the form of a financial projection, rigorous year-end filing where no details are left out, or bookkeeping, we put our heart and soul into every client we serve. With over five years in business, we’ve saved countless people, businesses, and corporations tens of thousands of dollars.

Who We Are

Excellent accounting in Surrey. Because you deserve nothing less.

Our experienced Surrey Accountant team carefully hand-picks the best and brightest tax accountants and accounting experts to work with us. Our mantra is this: at the end of the day, a fulfilling and impactful accounting experience isn’t just about numbers or spreadsheets – it’s about the team behind those numbers and spreadsheets. We constantly ask what can we do to go above and beyond your expectations, and will never rest until our accounting is perfect.

Our Founder

Lakhjit S. Sarang

Lakhjit S. Sarang has been an entrepreneur since 2004. He’s deeply involved in the community, and runs several successful businesses in Surrey, B.C. After completing his education in tax & management accounting, and having firsthand seen how difficult and hard-to-understand Surrey taxation can be for entrepreneurs, he took it upon himself to make it his mission to help other business owners grow their business & manage their finances.

When he’s not working with his clients and providing impeccable customer service, he’s spending time with his family and the local community. Lakhjit Sarang is the proud father of two, adorable sons, married to Manpriya Sarang Notary Public (one of Surrey’s premier notary publics) and actively volunteers in local youth programs like the 3300 BCR (Bhai Kanhaiya) RCACC. If you’re looking to get to know the man behind Axio Accounting, you’ve found the right place.

Our Vision

Axio Accountant in Surrey, B.C: Leading Customer Service

Having been in Surrey tax accounting for as long we have, our staff members know that the most important part of the accounting process is the customer service. People don’t just want an accountant – they want someone they can confide in – someone who understands provincial tax regulations, but also understands their personal & business needs. Our Surrey taxation team aims to go above and beyond, every single time, and this deep foundation has been the driving force for our business since we started.

What We Do

Axio Accounting in Surrey, B.C Services

Axio Accounting offers a litany of both personal, small business, and mid-size corporate accounting services. We love working hands-on with business owners in Surrey B.C, and providing consultation, financial planning, GST filing, and more to people trying their hardest to improve our local community.


What services do we offer?

Our excellent team offers exceptional full-service tax management,  budgeting analysis, financial consulting, forecasting, retirement planning, bookkeeping, and more. Click on the button below to learn more about our Surrey taxation, personal, and small business accounting services!

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