How often do you struggle with your finances, whether personal or business? Sometimes figures don’t seem to add up, or receipts go missing. It can be frustrating. If you got the chance, for example, to make filing your tax returns a breeze, wouldn’t you take it? Just think, you could make the smart move and hire an accountant or accounting firm, or, continue with the yearly struggles of maintaining financial sanity. If your business is just starting out, or looking to expand, listed are some reasons why an accountant will help your growing business:

Money Management
If you think, that in hiring an accountant, you are going to be spending more than you have, think again. You hire them to help you save money, whether it be that they help you claim expenses you’re entitled to, or just spend less on things you don’t need, they are fulfilling their duty, and will end up having you save on your tax. However, when it comes to deciding the accountant for hire, the cheapest isn’t always the best, so it would be best to invest in one that will add value to your business, instead of taking away.

Time Management
When you have to deal with maintaining your financial records and calculating the amount of tax that’s due, you are so occupied that you miss out on doing what you really want to do, and that is being a part of your business. To help you focus more on your business efforts and on the really important things, like making more money, your accountant will mind the other important things, like paying tax. Working with a deadline? Even better, they live for the thrill of it.
They will ensure that all deadlines are met, such as value-added tax (vat), corporation tax, year-end accounts, and self-assessment. Each of these have their own important deadline and to avoid penalties, submit all the returns you need to, when you need to.

Counsel and Assistance for your Business
Once your business starts to expand, you’ll need an accountant that truly understands business and will add some commercial advice in helping you make the next step. This could be to employ a new sales person that can really drive market value or encouraging you to procure a larger premises to accommodate for operation expansion, either way, an effective accountant can be a sounding board in your decision making. They’ll help you prepare your projections and financial plans necessary to gain funding for your progression plans. Accountants will guide you through the different options available and point you in the right direction should you decide to change the design of your business.

Variety of Services
You can grant full management of your accounts to your account controller. But you’ll still be lawfully accountable for their accuracy.  In any sense, this suggests they’ll be able to do everything on your behalf, from finishing your return, administering PAYE, classifying VAT returns and logging your accounts with corporations House. Time saved from these duties, can be spent focusing on your business and its growth.

Extra Capital
Once your business takes off, and starts to show its growth spurt, an investment probably becomes an option placed on the table. It could be in the form of a bank loan or some investors, but each will require a stable outline which contains detailed forecasts and management accounts that are up to date. Having an accountant who will be able to grant guidance and suggest everything that you’ll need to think of,  be the supply of reassurance that those looking to invest will need, to highlight that your figures are accurate and realistic, isn’t such a bad idea.

Easy Breezy Life
Anything that has you spending sleepless nights at the table, either spreadsheets, invoices or tax returns shouldn’t not be. If you have the slightest headache from considering going through paperwork or compiling spreadsheets, then employing an accountant would seem like a rather grand idea, be it that the great ones help you choose the right software that will allow you to see real time results. They outline the benefits you can get for your business by using correct innovative technology instead of old paper files.

At beginner, intermediate or expert level, hiring an accountant for your business is always an excellent choice.